Semavi Anatolians - Anatolian Puppy - 2003 Litter
Whelped January 4, 2003

2003 Litter
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor

First Week

Semavi 2003 Litter
All the pups! Boys on the left, Girls on the right.

Semavi 2003 Litter
Detail: two girls

Semavi 2003 Litter
Fawn boy and pinto girl.

Semavi 2003 Litter
Fawn girls and pinto boy.

Semavi 2003 Litter
All the pups: I don't have trouble telling the pups apart but have now collared three.
Makes it easier to tell the pups apart from the distance or in pictures where their colors may vary.

At the top is one fawn female.
Second from the top is the fawn male
Third - pinto female
Baby blue collar - fawn female
Fifth - pinto male
Sixth - fawn female.

Eyes haven't started opening yet. Jelly legs (back legs) are starting to get strong enough for pups to wobble about on them for a few moments, before doing the belly crawl again.

The fawn male and the pinto female are the ones most likely to be sleeping away from the puppy pile-up, and on their own. We're waiting to see the personalities emerge!

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