Semavi Anatolians - Anatolian Puppy - 2003 Litter
Whelped January 4, 2003

2003 Litter
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor

Second Week

Eyes are starting to open, the start of this week. They seem to be starting to make out light and dark.

i-pic00002.jpg (51934 bytes)All the pups! The two boys are closest to Zor's back legs. Pups have already eaten and most are asleep in this picture. The pinto girl is curled up by mom's front paws.

i-pic00005.jpg (47712 bytes)L-R: Two boys and one girl. They often fall asleep with their tongues in sucking position. The little girl actually has her eyes open in tiny slits. They seem to want to mouth anything they see, so picking them up and holding them results in hands, chins, clothing being licked. Very cute!

pic00008.jpg (56846 bytes)After eating, the best thing to do is to sprawl out and sleep.Tails of both boys at the bottom of picture.

i-pic00016.jpg (59841 bytes)One of the little girls comes up for a snuggle. Her eyes are open just a peep.

i-pic00004.jpg (60212 bytes)Pigment continues to develop on the noses. Small spots enlarge and should gradually fill in the entire nose leather and (majority if not all) the lips. This is the pinto male. Pinto sister has similar progress with smaller speckles of pigment. Note pigment also filling in on the paw pads.

They are becoming more steady on their legs, more vocal (at least, that's what James says, I can't hear!), and they are bolder, moving away from the puppy pile to 'do their business' and sometimes falling asleep on the perimeters because they are now better able to regulate their body temperatures. When the house feels cold to them, they pile up again til mom comes in or the house warms up again. Zor spends more time scouting around the yard for various reasons all her own. She's indifferent to the other adults now as long as she can see they are not near her babies.

They seem to be calm and very content pups, often falling asleep soon after they are picked up and cuddled. About all they do still is and sleep!

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