Semavi Anatolians - Anatolian Puppy - 2003 Litter
Whelped January 4, 2003

2003 Litter
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor

Fourth Week

p-pic00020.jpg (64944 bytes)A View from Inside the Doghouse - where the puppies were born! I figured I'd get inside and take some pictures!
Sitting on the step is the fawn male, sunning himself but thinking of joining the other five puppies and me inside the house. Zor is wondering what I'm doing in the doghouse and in a few moments she also joins the rest of us!

p-pic00015.jpg (68311 bytes)As soon as Zor comes in, the pups decide it is time for refreshments! It's a fun little party! The flash on the digital camera certainly lights up the interior of the doghouse. There's actually more room in here but I can't back up away enough to get a panoramic view of the inside of the house. I'm sitting with my legs folded under me and Zor eventually lays flat on her side and feeds all the pups.

p-pic00018.jpg (71400 bytes)All the pups after their snack. Some are a bit sleepy after their meal, so they get pretty relaxed. Zor only steps out because feeding the pups is hard work, she's not as thrilled with nursing them on demand 24 hours a day -- and there's just not enough room to visit with me and still avoid the babies. :)
Clockwise from the top: (1) Black-collared, yellowish female on top of the (2) Pinto male - only part of the side of his face and forelegs are visible. She's chewing on the side of his face. He's a confident pup and had rolled onto his back to invite her to wrestle. (3) Greyish female with the pale blue collar. (4) Fawn male has entered the house and is mingling in the crowd. (5) To your left in the picture, the pinto female looks on. (6) The female with the pink collar has her head totally out of the picture.
p-pic00019.jpg (69075 bytes)In this pic, the fawn female with the pink collar is on the far left.
Next to her, being chewed on and pawed, is the yellowish, black-collared female who has decided that she doesn't want to play any more.
The pinto male is most definitely in a playful mood! He's rolled on his back, again trying to invite someone to play with him.
The blue-collared greyish female looks on from the right.
The girls appear to be uniformly snoozy and underwhelmed by his enthusiasm. :)

q-pic00001.jpg (74294 bytes)They like to nap after their meals of softened kibble or shorter snacks of Zor-milk. Left to right. by the noses: Fawn male, pinto female, black collar female, pinto male.

q-pic00020.jpg (74782 bytes)Zor is ever watchful with her duties as a mom. We now have a dog show exercise pen surrounding the front of the doghouse and here you see Zor resting outside the puppy 'yard' and the face of the pinto male resting on the retainer board inside the puppy's house.
The reason for this portable fence is so that we can close off the puppy area if we don't want them to get underfoot ........

r-pic00022.jpg (73922 bytes)
...or when we need to feed them so that the rascally chickens don't snarf up all their food! In this photo, the pups are mostly done with their chow, and the fawn male and black-collared female are lingering around for seconds. 

r-pic00002.jpg (73876 bytes)After the pups are done, we let Zor go clean up the puppy's pan. When she does this, she's usually the target for some attention. :)  If Zor is in the puppy yard while they eat, she keeps any chickens out so there's no of stealing the puppy chow. She usually waits til the pups are nearly done before trying to take some of the food herself, on occasion we generally have to tell her to "leave it" - so the pups finish completely first. (Aslan generally expects us to provide him with his separate bowl if he asks, he's not interested in competing with Zor, the chickens and the pups for the pup chow.) :)

q-pic00016.jpg (76877 bytes)Most of the time the X-pen is open. After eating or waking, puppies go into their little yard in front of the doghouse to potty. Lately they seem to prefer to leave even their little 'yard' to go potty near the blackberry bushes behind the doghouse or some place a short distance from their little 'yard'.
In the background: the fawn male poses with his front paws on the steps; blue-collared female sits to the front (white forepaws), with the pink-collared female (no head visible) behind her. In the foreground with the white mesh toy thing in her paws is the black-collared female.

q-pic00011.jpg (70319 bytes)Here the pups are exploring outside of their little yard. From the background to the foreground: Black-collared female chewing on the pinto male (yes, he's inviting them to play again!). Standing over him is the blue-collared female. In the foreground; pink-collared fawn female, and the pinto female apparently asleep. :)

q-pic00012.jpg (72920 bytes)
All the pups! Black-collared female on the left, Pinto male. blue-collared female facing away. The fawn male is starting a little gallop into the former group. The pink-collared female is checking out the folded chairs. The pinto female is in the foreground (yellow collar).

Personality-wise - These are just basic impressions. The pups are generally all very snuggly and relax and even fall asleep when held. They obviously enjoy physical contact with James or me and with their littermates. They all seem to be equally adept at figuring out the mazes and puzzles that the X-pen, old dog run and other obstacles in the yard present them. They know that the only possible route may be to go around something to get to the gate. They don't sit still and cry helplessly. They're very astute on working out solutions.

Fawn Male: (Kadim) Bold, independent, confident. Hardly ever without his tail over his back in a curl. Very sweet and social for brief periods, then he goes off to do his stuff which includes exploring, playing, napping, quietly guarding from some vantage point off by himself. He is often piled up with the others when he gets really sleepy. Has the darkest coat of all the pups.
Pinto Male: (Khazu) Bold, social and a bit more dog oriented than his brother. Usually in the thick of the puppy pile. Of all the pups, he tends to incite the others to play by rolling over to appear less dominant, using this technique more frequently than his littermates.Very sweet and people-social for brief periods of time, then he likes to do his own stuff, exploring or just sitting and watching over his domain.
Pink-collar Female: (Zoey) Generally feisty, confident and bold. Very social to both puppies, and to James and me. She loves to be the boss. Tends to be the puppy least likely to invite others to play by rolling on her back, but cheerfully initiates play by playful attacks. The darkest of the females with her greyish coat which still has a fair bit of the black overlay.
Pinto Female: (Shadow) Very people oriented, social and friendly, but dominant and bold. Enjoys her littermates but tends to go off and be independently exploring, like her fawn brother. Very snuggly and quite a tail tail-wagger. When Zor does something, this girl is most likely to imitate her - following her example. At this point she is the one that I see most often initiating play with play-bows and tail wags.
Black-collared Female (formerly had the lavender collar): (Ruya) Bold, independent, people oriented. Loves snuggles and likes to sleep near my feet when I come out to socialize.She's the most yellow in color of the girls at this point.
Blue-collared Female: (Nadide "Zoey") Very similar to her black-collared sister. Seems to be slightly more independent in that the pinto or black-collared females tend to be faster to greet me while the blue takes care of her other business first then comes up to be very snuggly and social, lingering for long happy moments.Still pale greyish in color but more yellow coming in around her mask.

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