Semavi Anatolians - Anatolian Puppy - 2003 Litter
Whelped January 4, 2003

2003 Litter
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor

Sixth Week

x-pic00019.jpg (72136 bytes)Puppies are so endearing. It makes it harder to choose among the pups when some very distinct personalities seem to say: "Me! Pick me!". Zor seems to be more enthusiastic about nursing them again. I think this is likely because the pups have learned more about bite inhibition - a good reason in this breed, for letting the pups remain with the litter and mother until they are 8 weeks.
When they nibble my fingers, they are much more gentle than they were the week before. Taking a puppy biscuit from my fingers, they have a soft gentle inquisitive mouth. No snatch and grab here! Maybe next week! Haha! Puppy kisses from them also involves far less biting and chewing than the previous weeks although they sometimes do a little of that.

y-pic00003.jpg (72374 bytes)Here, the black-collared female manipulates a suitably buzzed elephant to demonstrate to her audience how one properly brings about "Shaken Stuffie Syndrome". The pinto female looks on.

They love playing tug-of-war with their stuffie toys and they try chewing on just about anything now. I have cow hoofies, rope bones, stuffed squeaker and latex toys laying about for them to amuse themselves. They have all sorts of footing to walk on. Crackly tarps, metal grills, narrow boards and other things to explore.

y-pic00005.jpg (67031 bytes)This week, we're putting a more critical eye on puppy evaluations. Looking for balance and form, hoping we don't find disqualifications. Both boys have their 'family jewels' in place and seem to be bored with all the peeking and poking - except with their mouths. Tired of that poking around there. Not only is temperament of each individual under consideration but breed character important. Evaluating their conformation is assuming a more serious level of importance as this and the next two weeks reveal more of their potential.

y-pic00009.jpg (66644 bytes)Puppies are not so happy about being formally stacked. We sort of just put them down and let their shapes take form. Artificially stacking them, eg, moving a foot here and there to get them to stand square is going to alter their appearance for frank evaluation. Show competition where a handler wants to hide what is less flattering and breeder evaluation - seeing what comes natural - are two different things. Doing the freestyle stances and moving about the yard can be a great way to assess them, but they are often out of camera shot when they show how balanced they can be. So it's hard to come up with good shots for this week. Most of them don't really care for this weird standing-still-on-a-box idea too much! Here, James looks at least as bored as the puppy. Shame on me, torturning everyone! haha! ;)

y-pic00001.jpg (79678 bytes)We're moving the pens around so that it's easier for guests to visit with the puppies now. The pups are very flexible about how we rearrange things. Nothing really seems to faze them! At night, and for major naps, they sleep in their favorite dog house but we bring them up to the front of the yard for viewing and socializing with guests. And of course, when guests are here, they get bored quickly and fall asleep.

pic00002.jpg (75811 bytes)Grandma Bertha (12 years old) cleans and cares for the pups. She's always been a wonderful mother, and she's a wonderful granddam. Uncle Aslan (nearly 13 years old) continues to be a patient teacher. Mama Zor is watchful that the adult family members are careful with the babies. She doesn't seem to be very worried if one of the other adults tells a puppy, "ENOUGH! Cool your heels!". Puppies are gaining a lot of respect for their elders.

a-pic00018.jpg (72508 bytes)How much the puppies have grown! This is Grandma Bertha tending the new babies when they were merely a few hours old.

It's been a fun week!

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