Semavi Anatolians - Anatolian Puppy - 2003 Litter
Whelped January 4, 2003

2003 Litter
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor

Weeks 7-9th - Last Weeks Together

The weeks have been a blur with so many things happening at once, so this page has been a bit late coming up!

Zor has fully weaned the babies yet remains very attentive to them. I'll be adding the puppy names to this page as our extended family find names to suit their new Anatolian partners.

cc-pic00019.jpg (68733 bytes)Our litter shares its last weeks together as puppies start to go home. Puppy evaluations took place through the seventh and eighth week, with the first puppy leaving for her new home shortly after the last evaluation at eight weeks.
Zor poses with puppies: on the left, pinto female, Shadow, peeking over the back of fawn male Kadim. Zoey pink-collared female- peering up at the camera from way in the back. The black-collared female Ruya looking on. With her back to us is the blue-collared female, Nadide and way over on the right is Khazu, the pinto male stretching out with his legs a bit.

bb-pic00017.jpg (75211 bytes)Saying "bye for now" to the puppies is difficult. The blue-collared female, Nadide, is especially a favorite of mine.
She went home with Don and Lois Evans (where her nickname is Zoey!)

Lois' Stony Ridge Minihorse breeding farm is featured online so go on down and take a visit at that beautiful site. Puppy will not be very far away, so we look forward to seeing her again when possible. I'm very happy about that!

hh-pic00009.jpg (70099 bytes)Some of the puppies have gone or are going to homes further away. Khazu the pinto boy is going to be joining his Aunt Dylan (Zor's sister in a previous litter) in a home that's appears to have taken to Anatolians like potato chips - "you can't just have one!". We're certainly not immune here! Zoey has gone to a cattle ranch in Oregon to be a partner with a wonderful family. Kadim (laying down) will also be going on a long journey to stay with a splendid and special friend.

bb-pic00007.jpg (75141 bytes)The puppy of this litter to whom the "Cutest Personality" award must go is Shadow, the pinto female. She's active, very sweet, a bandit for love, and a heart-breaker! I'm keeping an eye on how she turns out. She has moved to a cattle ranch not so far from us, where she is likely to become a professional Thief of Hearts by trade.

ee-pic00006.jpg (79606 bytes)Here Shadow has a snooze with Zor and Aslan as she waits for her family to arrive. She also lives close enough so that we can visit again - something to which we certainly look forward. You might not believe how many pictures I have of this girl! :)

aa-pic00005.jpg (70106 bytes)Ruya is the puppy who is staying here. A very difficult decision because of so much emotional attachment to all the girls of this litter! (It worked out that way since we knew we were breeding to keep one.)

bb-pic00013.jpg (75462 bytes)Sharing a stick to chew, Khazu and Zoey enjoy a quiet moment together.



hh-pic00013.jpg (69201 bytes)Many thanks to Kathy Gerlach, Cindy Krek, Debi Carpadus and Catherine de la Cruz for the insight, opinion, experience and wisdom they shared to help us reflect upon where we are now and where we want to go in our journey with this wonderful breed. (this is Zoey).

Also special thanks to Pat Hastings of for the principles behind the "Puppy Puzzle" evaluation - a standard which makes it possible for breeders to more objectively make decisions for the future.

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