Black Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

All official standards for Anatolian Shepherd dogs accept all colors.

All color patterns and markings are equally acceptable.

Colour: All colours acceptable.

All colors are acceptable.

All colours acceptable.

...and so on

Show judges and educators, breed club representatives should know and be USING the official breed standard.

Black is documented to occur in Anatolians.


AKC dog registration forms do not have a place to select black as a body color, but as knowledge of the breed and its genetics increases, this issue will hopefully be corrected. Currently breeders with tanpoint pups have been forced to register their dogs inaccurately using other colors that are listed on the registration forms. This is not good relations for everyone. 
A good understanding of canine color genetics is needed in the clubs and members need to be educated.

To see the colors listed for AKC Anatolians, see and select the breed:



S -Type refers to Standard. "This is the classification of the color for show purposes."

Options for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs 
Color Description (Body Color) Type Code
Biscuit & White S 376
Blue Fawn S 036
Brindle S 057
Fawn S 082
Gray Fawn S 377
Liver S 123
Red Fawn S 150
White S 199
Marking Description Type Code
Black Mask S 004
Brown Mask S 076
Dutch Markings S 077
Pinto S 018
Pinto, Black Mask S 079
Silver Mask S 078

Do your breed club representatives uphold an unpublished offical breed standard?