Broody Hens!

[ Lakenvelder hen and brood ]This is the Lakenvelder hen with some of the chicks. Some of the pipping (chicks pecking from the inside of the eggs to get out) is still occuring as I write (early evening, June 8, 1998)

[ Both Broody Hens and chicks ]This is the Lakenvelder hen with the other hen that decided to go broody at the same time. The second hen is an Americauna hen. Both hens seem to be working as a team with the chicks to keep them safe and teach the pups about momma hens.

There are chicks scattered all over this picture. I haven't been able to count them all but there were about twenty live ones when I helped them out of the raised brooder boxes.
[ Lakenvelder hen and more chicks ]

Another look at Lakenvelder mom and her assorted babies.

The chicks are a mixed brood, since most of the eggs were laid by Americauna hens (which lay eggs with a green/blue shell as opposed to brown shells, or white).The roosters include a mixed banty (smaller sized), Mr Silky Rooster (in the pup pictures - also a banty), as well as an Americauna (standard sized). My hens include the Lakenvender, a Golden Orpington, and many Americaunas.

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