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Semavi Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
Anatolian Puppy Application

Be sure to read our Puppy Agreement and let us know about any questions you may have before submitting this application with your deposit. Deposit is required and holds your position in the waiting list. All information is confidential and is used only to help determine if a match can be made. As explained in the previous page, I am hearing disabled so will communicate primarily by email for routine issues.

The purpose of this application is to help you and I make a preliminary assessment to determine the type and temperament of Anatolian that will best fit your needs.

WAIT to have your application approved before sending a deposit.
You have a choice to mail the application to us or to send the online application.
In either case, you are not on the waiting list until your deposit is received.

1- Mail application (send by postal mail) - go HERE and print out the page. Use extra paper for any details needed.

2- Online application below


ONLINE Application

Please answer all questions with as much detail as you feel will be useful in matching you with the right Anatolian. We expect to be able to speak to you by phone or to meet you in person. Further communication by email is especially quite likely. :)

We do not sell puppies over the internet.
Filling out this application and submitting a deposit will not guarantee that we will place a puppy with you. This application is kept along with your deposit for consideration as a potential home.
Evaluation of puppies can take up to their eighth week.

Deposits are refunded if we do not have the right Anatolian for you (examples: wrong temperament, wrong sex, etc)

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Puppy Application:

Your full name:
Street address: 
Zip Code: 

Home #:
Work #:
Fax #:

Your email address: (e.g.:

How did you find us?

Before I give serious consideration to any placement, I want to know that an owner of a Semavi puppy has as much concern for the health and future of the breed as I do. Your dog will be around for 10 or 16 years, and in that time, its genes will be propagated if anyone breeds a relative.

What does this mean? Every puppy that is born has genes from its parents that have been combined in new ways unique to that breeding. This means that every puppy contains genetic information about the future of the bloodline. This information helps me and owners of the littermates as well, to make wise decisions that prevent the bloodline from going down the same bumpy road of many breeds.

Hips are not everything in health but they are the most common problem in the breed. This is a good place to start. If you are not agreement that everyone has a part in the health of these dogs, then I do not have a puppy available for you.

I require a hip evaluation on your Semavi Anatolian puppy between 24 and 30 months. Be sure you understand the agreement before deciding to make a deposit. Hip films are done at the owner's expense, I will pay for the OFA evaluation of the entire litter if the owner submits the films to me during the collection period that will be determined at 24 months of age. Our previous owners have done this and have gotten very good results both with ratings and report .

I understand and agree that I will take my Anatolian to the vet to take hip films to have my dog hip certified by OFA at the correct age.
If I submit the films in a timely manner, Semavi Anatolians will pay for the OFA certification fees. Films submitted after the litter rate deadline will be paid by the dog's owner.

Why do you want an Anatolian Shepherd Dog?

What are your impressions of Anatolians you have met in the past?

How much experience have you had with this breed?
This is my first dog
I've owned a dog before but this is my first Anatolian
I've owned a Anatolian before but from a different bloodline
I've previously owned a Anatolian from these/similar bloodlines

What are your goals for the puppy? (as many as apply)
Companion (family pet)
Livestock guardian
Competition: Obedience - Conformation

Where will your Anatolian be kept during the day?

During the evenings?

Do you have other dogs? What kinds and what are their ages?

Will you be taking your puppy to an obedience class for socialization and training?
Yes  No

If you have trained at a class before please give the name, location and phone number of the puppy or dog training class.

Puppy Agreement Tier Level (You must read the Puppy Agreement to understand this part)
Livestock Guardian - must be neutered
Companion/Pet - must be neutered

If SELECT - Is this puppy intended for breeding?
Yes  No  Maybe
Will you consider a co-own with the breeder?
Yes  No  Maybe
Considerations for breeding and/or co-own:

Are you familiar with the bloodlines of this litter?
Yes  No

Do you want a male or a female?
Male  Female  Doesn't matter

Any particular preferences? ( Color / coat / other)
How firm are you on each of these qualities?

Will you pick up your puppy directly from us?
Yes  No

If you require shipping, what is the nearest airport?

Are you a member of any Dog or Anatolian breed clubs?
Yes  No
Club Names 

Which describes where you live?
Urban (apartment/condo)  Suburban (house) 
Rural (farm/acreage) 

Do you own or rent your home?
Own  Rent
If you rent, are very large dogs permitted?

Do you have a fenced-in, enclosed yard?
Yes  No
Type of fence including height. Electrified?

If you have to move to a new location, will you be taking your Anatolian with you?

Is there someone usually home during the day?
Yes No

Do you have any children?
Yes  No
If yes, what are their ages, and have they been exposed to dogs in the past?

Who are other people in the household that will have influence on the puppy?

Are there other pets besides dogs in the household? What kinds?

If you raise or breed livestock, what kinds?

Is everyone in the household in agreement over aquiring an Anatolian?

Please provide the name, address, and telephone number of three references.
A Veterinarian and/or obedience instructor can each serve as a reference.

Please add any other information you would like us to consider in placing one of our puppies with you.

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