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May to June: Pup Pictures

[ pups playing ]Red female (left) has a name! She is Semavi Dylan and is the sweetest, most outgoing of the trio.She seems to love attention and is often the first to come running if it looks like I'll be sitting on the step or passing out puppy biscuits.

Her brother (right), was nicknamed Fred at this time. (His name finally became Semavi Kabul - or just Kabul.)

[ Spider Trophy ]Kabul has become a bit more active now, but still tends to meter use of his energy conservatively, judicious as he is. Very handsome now, with a big masculine looking muzzle compared to the girls.

He doesn't look terribly dignified carrying the green squeaky spider around but he's just won his rights to it by beating them to it this time, and is shown here carrying off his booty.

[ Puppies ]This is my pup on the far left. The grey female. She has enormous ears compared to her littermates and is somewhat bossier. Still not really settled on a name for her yet. (Her name finally became Semavi Kadinsi Zor, or just Zor.)

Dylan is behind Zor in the pic and Kabul is off to the right. I'm making 'kissy' noises, and her ears are reflecting that the sound is pretty weird to her indeed.

[ Puppies ][ Dylan ]Left:
Here are Kabul and Zor. Kabul is chewing on the spider legs and Zor is looking on.

Right: Dylan surveying her domain from the front porch.

[ Puppy WarGames ]Puppies playing their Puppy WarGames.

The two girls are standing over their brother and occasionally nipping and playing with him. None of the pups is always the boss or always the one picked on. They are learning to be gentle with their teeth and playing at establishing pack order. This is why it is important for puppies to live with their pack for the first 7-8 weeks. This is when they learn to respect each other, learn doggie sign language, and to learn bite inhibition (to learn not to bite too hard).

Pack order is important to the Anatolian throughout its entire life. There must always be a leader, or the Anatolian will try to become THE Leader.

[ Watching Chickens ]Grey female, Zor, and red male, Kabul, shredding cardboard boxes (their favorite toy at the moment) and watching the white silky rooster dancing to attract hens.

[ Pups resting on the porch ]Pups are resting on the front porch. Just happy to be sitting near me... not doing much of anything ...but here's a picture of that too!

Zor is foreground, Kabul and Dylan in the background.

Chickens trying to figure out how to use the dolly?


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