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Semavi Kale Ruya in 2005
(Our girl)
Breeding plans

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Sitting pretty, Ruya
Ruya looking pretty

Snots and Ruya
Ruya and Snots

Laughing at a private joke?
Laughing girl

Ruya sticking her tongue out at someone
Ruya sticking her tongue out at someone

Yummy little dog?
Karolyn, Snots and Ruya

All photos on this page by Dave Koerner

Dave and Karolyn brought along Snots, their Italian Greyhound to meet the Anatolians.

The Anatolians enjoyed the visit and probably were not sure that Snots was a dog too. Snots has wonderful temperament and remained cool although sometimes four Anatolians were sniffing him at once. :)

The gang's all here.

That's Ruya with her feet up, Zor in the middle, Aslan on the right. Boone can be seen just under Ruya's tummy.


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