Just a quick update on these pups!

[ Kabul at 6 months ]Semavi Kabul

Service Dog potential!
At six months, he's still got that reserved, calm cool he had as a tiny tyke but already weighs almost as his Uncle Aslan. He's defnitely got the height I need to stay upright and keep my balance. Powerful as he is, I am experimenting with good success using both a Gentle Leader and prong collar.The former keeps him from pulling too hard and the latter is effective for getting his attention when he gets ahead of me..

He loves shaking hands and is still quite the goof. Goof, definitely! I asked to sit for a picture, so he sat squarely in his kibble bowl and tipped it over, but he got up and tried another position.

Resourceful anyways. :)

[ Kadinsi Zor: 6 months ]Semavi Kadinsi Zor

A spirited and bossy pup still, and the more active of the two of them. She is six months in the picture. At seven months, she is 96 pounds.

She looks as though she is looking for her chewy bone.

[ Dylan with Susan ]Semavi Dylan

Pictured here at six months... Dylan lives an active, athletic life with her two human companions in California. She's teaching them about Anatolians and they're teaching her about her role as a beloved family companion.

[ Dylan, gone hiking ]


Here's an image of Dylan at 6 months exploring!

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