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First Week of May: Pup Pictures

[ Little Warrior ]

Here is the male after he played tug-o'-war with Aslan's tail. He looks a bit sleepy now after all that activity.

Didn't have the camera ready at the time. *sigh* So it goes...

Weather's been a bit icky lately. Nothing bad, but the mud and puddles are everywhere. Pups are taking in all the NEW stuff like real troopers.

[ Uncle Aslan ]

This is the red female puppy, relaxing with Uncle Aslan. Aslan is ever the patient babysitter for the pups as well as their chew and tug-o'-war toy. Bertha is watchful when Aslan takes care of the pups, but she trusts Aslan.

[ Chicken Chow? ]

Here are curious chickens, who love pup chow, coming to see if there will be scraps left over for them.

Sometimes, one or a few more of the hens just goes ahead and chows down along with the pups.

[ Pups vs Chickens ]

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