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2006- Our current dogs are Semavi Kadinsi Zor, Semavi Kale Ruya, and our acquired male, Old Glory Boone.

Semavi Kadinsi Zor - (daughter of Bertha)
Zor is a daughter of Bertha from Bertha's second litter. Zor's sire is Windy Spring's Zara.
Some pages about her litter and littermates here.

Zor loafing around
Her first litter was born January 2003. Info on this link
Includes Ruya, her daughter below.

Semavi Kale Ruya - (daughter of Zor) & my acquired male Old Glory Boone
Ruya is a daughter of Zor. Her sire is Gerlach Beau. .
These are cute pics from when both Boone and Ruya were babies.
Boone is only a month younger than Ruya and is from Old Glory Ranch in Texas.
I made some movies of them playing war games.

Zor and Ruya greet Boone Zor and Ruya (3 months) greeting Boone (2 months), the first day of his arrival from Texas in 2003.


wpe3.jpg (31968 bytes)
Boone in front, with Ruya behind - 3 and 4 months old in 2003

wpe17.jpg (30495 bytes)
Old Glory Boone head study at 10 months old in 2003

Ruya at one year
Semavi Kale Ruya at one year in 2004.


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